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The Spurn Lightship is currently closed for restoration. Find out more at www.MaritimeHull.co.uk

Dive into Hull’s seafaring history on this fully restored, iconic vessel

The Spurn Lightship was a beacon of Hull’s waterways for almost 50 years. Built in 1927, it guided ships through the treacherous waters of the River Humber.

Now, thanks to a £30m restoration project the Spurn Lightship returns once more to tell its story.

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The restoration of Spurn Lightship is part of Hull Maritime, a transformational project led by Hull City Council and funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund. Find out more about the history of this vessel, its restoration and the wider Hull Maritime project.

Spurn Lightship

A brief history of The Spurn Lightship

Built in 1927, this iconic vessel served as a navigation aid until 1975. During that time, the lightship also formed part of Hull’s naval river defence boom of World War II.

In 1983, Hull City Council bought the lightship for restoration. Four years later, it opened as a museum in Hull Marina offering a voyage through a significant chapter of Hull’s maritime history. Visitors could explore how the ship’s seven-man crew worked and passed the time during their month-long deployments. As well as see original communication and emergency equipment from the 1920s.

In 2018, the Spurn Lightship closed for restoration as part of the Hull Maritime project. Reopening in spring 2024, the ship will again become a signpost for the city. And remind us that our maritime heritage is never far away.

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