What to see at Streetlife Museum

Travel back in time with our immersive exhibitions and interactive displays.

Visit the transport galleries to discover the history of human transportation. From horse-drawn carriages, to early bicycles, to the evolution of the motor car. 

Then imagine what life was like in 1940s Hull with our iconic indoor high street.

The Bicycle Gallery

Get on your bike and explore the evolution of the bicycle and its links to Hull’s history. We have an excellent collection of early cycles, including an 1818 Hobby Horse.

The Carriage Gallery

Catch the scent of the stable as you step from the Hull York Mail Coach ride. Then explore one of the finest carriage collections in public ownership in Britain. Including several historic horse-drawn carriages from the families and businesses of East Yorkshire and beyond.

The Motor Car Gallery

Take a trip to the 1900 Motor Show with our collection of veteran vehicles dating from 1897 onwards. Discover rare cars powered by steam, electricity and petrol. And visit an 1898 Panhard et Levassor Motor Wagonette – the first vehicle built specifically as a car (not a converted carriage).

The Streetscene Gallery

Step into a shop and back through time on the cobbles of our reconstructed high street. And imagine what life was like nearly 100 years ago! There’s a cycle store, a fascinating Yorkshire chemist and a Hull Co-operative from the 1930s.

The Railway Gallery

Get a glimpse back in time in this reconstructed 1930s goods shed. Discover rail-related items from days gone by, including the Cottingham North signal box. Transported brick by brick from its original location and reassembled here, it’s a real piece of transport history.

The Joseph Rank Gallery

Explore the life, career and legacy of Joseph Rank, founder of one of Britain’s largest flour milling and bakery companies. And discover why Hull was at the heart of the industrial revolution in flour milling.

The Open Space

Located at the centre of the museum on the ground floor, the Open Space is a flexible exhibition and activity space. It’s a place to learn, create and get involved with our museum – as a visitor or as a co-curator! Visit our Community projects page to find out more.

Explore our collections

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