Streetlife Museum
High Street

Come on a free self-directed visit at Streetlife Museum

All groups must pre-book their visit to the Streetlife Museum.

Self-directed visits do not feature any delivered element by members of our on-site team but are the perfect way for your group to visit our museum linked to your chosen theme or topic.

Want to stay on site for lunch?

There is a small charge of £1 per person for the use of our on-site Education Room. (Group leaders and support staff are free).

Your group will be invoiced for this after your visit.

You can make use of our outdoor covered picnic area near the main entrance to the Streetlife Museum or picnic in the Museums Quarter Gardens for free.

Key information

  • The Streetlife Museum opens at 10am (Monday to Saturday) and 11am on Sundays - we are unable to allow entry into the building before this time
  • We have allocated your visit as a full-day visit but you can state at the time of booking what time you estimate you will be arriving and departing
  • Last entry into the building is 4pm (Monday to Saturday) and 3.30pm on Sunday
  • To ensure your group's enjoyment and that of other visitors, we ask that large groups stagger their entry into the building to help with general visitor flow - a maximum of 70 group members at a time
  • Our Education Room can accommodate a maximum of 35 group members plus group leaders/support staff. Large groups will be asked to stagger their lunches

Pre-visit Information

Please ensure you download the Self-directed groups terms and conditions. This sets out our expectations for group behaviour on site and will help with your risk planning.

A link for these will also be included on your confirmation email and ticket.

Self-directed visit terms and conditions (PDF, 297kb)

Drop-off point - Visiting Museums Quarter (PDF, 200kb)

Streetlife Museum - Activity Booklet (PDF, 9.2MB)

Self-directed visit - Activity suggestions (PDF, 96kb)

Booking your self-directed visit and lunch room at Streetlife Museum

Bookings for self-directed group visits and our on-site Education Room are done separately via the two sections below.

Please note that availability for our on-site Education Room for lunch is very limited and does not always correlate with the dates listed for self-directed group visits. Your group will not be able to access the Education Room for lunch if you have not booked this in advance.